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We speak your language

Your success requires a strong partner who speaks your language and understands both your requirements and your constraints.
symentis is that partner. Our record shows we don’t just aim at the target – we hit the bull’s eye.

Screenshot: iPad App Assessment of Buildings

„A quantum leap in the assessment of buildings“

Together with our customers we've taken the next step: Assessments of buildings take place on site via the iPad.

The standardized detection of abnormalities is performed on high resolution floor plans in conjunction with RFID chips. Fully automated PDF Reporting allows for maximum time savings.

Screenshot: Apple Watch App zur Daten Visualisierung

„It`s time for a new age.“

Visualizing Data on your wrist will be essential. Thanks to the Apple Watch App our customers stay on the pulse of time.

Display relevant information instantly via Push. Promote decisions in the twinkling of an eye.

Screenshot: iPhone Web App Mobile Learning

„Personal development to go“

A web based smartphone app redefines "personal development".

Clearly summarized learning content, individual learning experiences and implementation plans enable participants to implement the resolutions and to pursue their learning steps.

Screenshot: Web App Performance Management

„Transparency leads to success“

Web based system for mapping and implementation of corporate strategy at all levels.

This ensures that the corporate strategy and the purpose of related goals is immediately evident, comprehensible and measurable. Therefore managers and employees are highly motivated to achieve their goals.

The Art of Implementation

Whether we’re realizing an enterprise or integrating mobile applications, symentis tackles each and every
project with the same time-tested maxim: success requires a balance between scope, costs and time.
Our international reputation proves our quality and effectiveness. We hit the mark.

Screenshot: Enterprise Product Data Aggregation and Visualisation

Data Aggregation & Visualisation

Highly customizable data aggregation and visualisation SaaS solution for enterprises.

  • State of the Art Frameworks

  • Internationalisation

  • Import/Export Interfaces

  • Reporting Module

  • Web- and iOS Client Frontend

  • Scaleable Enterprise Backend

  • Screenshot: Product Test Plattform

    Management and team feedback system

    Multi client capable system for self-assessment with team reflection.

  • Assessment Management

  • Personalized/anonymous Accounts

  • Interface and Report Branding

  • Internationalisation

  • PDF Reporting

  • Screenshot: CMS for Apps

    Internationalized content provider for apps

    Web based CMS enabling your content strategy.

  • Responsive Presentation

  • Adaptive Content Delivery

  • Scheduling and approval Function

  • Internationalisation

  • Native and Web-App Support

  • Realistic start, successful result

    Our passion fuels our ambition

    At symentis, we get to know your company as if it’s our own – your culture, your strategies and your corporate goals. This requires creative thinking, real-word knowledge and social competency. Concessions may be granted to scope, budget or time, but never to quality. It sounds demanding, and it is! But our passion is your success, and your success is our expertise.

    Winners know the outcome before the race begins

    A competent IT project should optimize work flow, reduce costs and generate turnover, among many other factors, while at the same time adjusting to constant changes in the market, the project requirements or the options. symentis is adaptable, helping your company stay ahead of the curve.


    Java™, Groovy, Swift™, Objective-C
    Grails™, Spring™, Hibernate™
    XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    XSLT, FOP™, PDF™
    Linux™, OSX™, iOS™

    Web and app

  • Integrated Internationalisation

  • Web-based Enterprise Applications

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • In-house Applications

  • Native Apps

  • "Web and App" Integration

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